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Five step winter decoration, most classic checkerboard decoration detailed offer
Decorated like a game of chess, by countless links, difficulty, and each link contains math, art, electronics intelligence considerations, hydro, and other, error, all bets are lost. As a landlord, to win the chess victory, each of these steps is to clearly understand, and visionary. Opportunity is for those who are prepared, beautiful House. This article from the renovation contract signed, Cabinet ware purchase, selection of basic building materials, furniture, material selection, drapery and other five aspects, how the inventory of great home improvement for you this game.
Decorated combat Board step ONE: sign renovation contract tips a: to be aware of before signing a contract to sign a home improvement contract to grasp one of the most important principles is in mind when signing the contract is no longer in doubt. When are you coming to the company, I want to know many things: about project quality, decorative materials, on the design, there is, on the complaints about the service, about the renovation contract, etc. Specific to a particular company, there are some weak questions. These issues, in the absence of prior to be aware, do not rush to sign the contract.
Another point, if the decoration company in the process of negotiating with you frequently change in negotiators, you should know what is the cause, if this is due to the movement of persons, should be more careful when signing the contract.
B trick: ask for hydropower renovation quotation reference why you will find that at the time of settlement, settlement amount with their expected disparity? in addition to engineering change in construction process changes other than for expenses incurred, mainly because water and electricity reform. Originally, in the decoration company and customers when you sign a home improvement contract, due to some situation is not clear at this time, so quote callout of reconstruction of hydropower projects in the unit price and the total cost of the project is not included costs of reconstruction of hydropower. Project settlement when do is all projects of settlement, a gap is inevitable. Therefore, we recommend that you make decorating a hydropower company in the quotation to your quotation reference to reform.
C trick: disputes over design drawings prepared a lot of home improvement are reflected on the understanding of the project. Understanding of modeling some of the projects, in the absence of detailed drawings, designers and you will have some gaps in their interpretation, some projects because of the drawings is not clear, there is a gap in terms of specific sizes will. Therefore, we recommend that when you sign a contract, try to prepare all drawings, avoid work starts later, unnecessary trouble.
Move d: to observe the details in the contract file a more complete home improvement contract in addition to the project budget, outside the design drawings, also key construction projects construction technology, construction plans and materials a and b both purchase orders.
Construction technology, construction is a constraint by the strict implementation of the Convention process practices, prevent Jerry-built weapon. Construction plans are also very important, because the home renovation delays abound. Nowadays, many home improvement contract both parties of the contract material purchase orders are not attention, despite the contract provisions, but are mostly shallow, mainly reflected in the material's brand and purchase time period approaches, approval and acceptance is not clearly defined. Therefore, many of these home improvement contracts generally tend to ignore some files try not to miss.
Measure e: try to avoid home improvement contracts do not get articles, set out the related project quotation is not up to the quality of construction, some terms of the contract are set out under any conditions in terms of indoor air environment is impossible. As an additional requirement under the terms of the contract by the employer "after the completion of renovation, professional monitoring bodies to monitor the indoor environment, requiring indoor absolutely environmentally friendly." But what is "absolutely green?" unclear on the concept first, not to mention the decorated houses they exist to varying degrees of environmental pollution problems, any person or company are not able to do "absolutely environmentally friendly." Therefore, in case of disputes, the Agency generally does not support to this request. It is recommended that when you sign a contract, do not consider those who do not meet the requirements under the current market reality. Because even if it does, decoration companies to sign contracts are agreed, it is indispensable to trouble in the future.
Step TWO: before Cabinet, ware decorated before visiting the building materials city, usually quick, unfocused. Curtain decoration such as some things can actually opened fine after the selection, objects in the kitchen, bathroom, it must be finalized before the decoration, it is related to many follow-up questions such as hydropower reform.
Moves a: Cabinet dimensions in people-oriented kitchen countertop height should be 85 cm, height for special people, and can be customized according to the user's height and depth, table for 60 cm.
Table's height should be in user fingers can touch the water basin bottom when standing. Most cabinets can adjust the feet to make the table reach a suitable size, but this is just fine-tuning, best before determining the appropriate installation height. Countertop to the Cabinet bottom, dimensions are 60 cm high; low size is 50 cm. Cabinet layout and height of the table height suitable for housewives.
Cabinet depth, in the same kitchen, preferably by 30 cm and 35 cm in two sizes, placing album. Users standing, should be easy to open doors, hands stretched to the wall cabinets first, in which between 60 cm and 183 cm in the horizontal space and place frequently used items. If there isn't enough, can be considered such as a microwave, oven on a high shelf, to make work surface.
Measure b: sanitary ware size inch value covers: various sanitary ware bathroom needs much places? in General, the toilet had a size of 37x60 cm; hanging basin area of 50x70 cm, 40x60 cm cylindrical basin area; 80x80 cm square shower area; tub size 160x70 cm.
Install reserve: bath with the best 100 cm distance between the opposite wall, wants around, this is a reasonable distance. Even if the bathroom is very narrow, but also in the bathtub next to allow breathing space in the bathtub and wall surface or at least 60 cm distance between other items.
Sanitary space: should allow 20 cm between the two sanitary ware, this distance include toilet and wash basin, or between ware and the distance between the walls. Relatively positioned bathtub and toilet should keep a distance of 60 cm, minimum distance from which it was adopted.
Ware purchase timing more early more good due to ware installation must has right of installation conditions phase tie only line, and different manufacturers of different products on installation conditions has different of requirements, as: leading need pre buried right of Shang pipes road, bathroom Cabinet requirements reserved enough of installation space, seat toilet need consider wall from, shower room need consider bearing wall, floor drain location to right and so on, these conditions must home loaded construction process in the do only line, or bathroom products on cannot installation using. Best early in the construction of the appropriate product, even the best made at the design stage.
Early in the decoration to buy sanitary ware, if buying high-end brands, you can also let manufacturers of designer bathroom decoration-bathroom recommendations and design, and guide the repair construction, design of this bathroom will be more reasonable.
Step THREE: choose basic building materials and finally to the real thing to play drills, decoration curtain opened, even if the Flash head, again prepared for battle will also be abandoned. Need constant compromise and repeated attempts, a lot of time, plenty of energy, suffered hardships, to usher in happiness is a wonderful place to live.
Tricks: great wall adorned the harmonious living vines, flowers, butterflies, and other elements with a retro atmosphere in elegant return this season, flower, bird, and plant silhouettes also revived. When these complex fresh beautiful patterns when you climb up the blank walls of the bedroom, just like walls put on beautiful clothes, pleasant cool feeling.
Measure b: fine details enhance the exquisite dining style of drawing realistic effect of black and white mosaic wallpaper, paired with European-style dining chair in white soft, with a low-key, quiet feeling to the restaurant. White ornaments and floral arrangement weakens the heaviness of a black background, is particularly lively and pleasant.
C trick: pure bright purple color blooming delicious the kitchen more help preparing meals in the kitchen ambience, in the context of purple paint walls, hand-painted white brick of floral elegance and quiet and easy to clean. White cupboard reserved sound, crowning of stainless steel cutlery to be space.
Tips: wallpaper palpation to provide a few tips to help you pick out good quality it through wallpaper:
1. results from an overall perspective, good wallpaper looks natural, comfortable and grills. From the detailed observation, whether elegant and layered, tonal transition naturally, take accurate, whether there is a difference, dead fold, bubbles, these have to be concerned about.
2. touch touch wallpaper texture, look at patterns of degree is uniform, and comparing the whole picture wallpaper about consistent thickness.
3. clean the surface when in the selection, you can use a slightly damp cloth to clean the paper, such as discoloration or delamination is of poor quality.
Step FOUR: select the right furniture made by the experts "after buying the furniture decoration", because the whole family style, selection of furniture is the key. But there are a lot of people are often scoured the stores throughout the city, they can't find one, how to select furniture

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