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Office decoration Feng Shui questions
Office decoration Feng Shui Feng Shui are mainly the General Manager or President's Office decoration, we must combine their horoscopes Numerology to locate their office-oriented overall Office Feng Shui, otherwise Outlook again.
, Hall should not be narrow limits in the Office: the Office should be wide open; from the standpoint of quiet Palace gossip, front office's Hall, belonging to the out-of-position away from GUA GUA is the symbol of the cause. Ming Tang, that position right in front of the Office, which directly refers to the future good. So if the Office's Hall occlusion will symbolize the future, preventing many development difficult. After, if secluded Hall are open both inside and outside the Office, means the company or this unit, the future bright, smooth and successful.
Second, the front office should not be rushed: the front office not Feng Chong: Lu Chong, Poles, trees, sharp corners, and so on. Or of employees or supervisors not only easy things smoothly, prevent frequent, diseases, strange, non-words, even personnel changes frequently, lack of centripetal force, unable to retain employees.
Third, the seat of the Office should not be empty: Office seating should be have backing; backers better wits have short memories, support force, sound, and subsequent foot; after sitting empty, you tend to form weak, weak, inadequate personnel stability, employee lack of centripetal force, noble would not show, even seriously affect particular companies based on space.
Four, the Office should not be the dark unknown, lack of light: the light intensity of the Office, absolutely with the cause of success or failure of the whole relationship. Office should be adequate lighting, bright and pleasant, so performance will make rapid progress, good early. Reward and punishment, jinqisuochang employees, is responsible for the heart. Conversely, dark shadows of the Office, often leads to obstructions and is not suitable, and little power, misfeasance is negligent, employee morale the horoscope.
Five, the Office should not be making White Tiger: geography of Feng Shui says that [rather high Dragon cliffs, not the White Tiger looked up. ] In other words, from a Feng Shui point of view, looking out of Office ahead, preferably Zuo Long than Tiger on the right; that is, buildings left front should be slightly higher than the front right side of the building, which represents the entire Office of the gas tends to have a positive development, and everything good luck, everything is smooth. Conversely, if the right Tiger Gao Zuolong, tend to have wicked way, good people suffer non-words, filled with suffering, good things fall to the ground, and a negative phenomenon.
Around six, the Office should not be Jiao: near the Office of a building should not be too high, otherwise not only will bring pressure and even undermine the stability of Office, have good and bad fortune, subverting the original moisture could have had the advantage of the wind, or even employee ethical and emotional loss, are disgruntled.
Seven, the Office is not open too many doors: open the side door is a good way to strengthen the Office of gas and Office in Mong Kok in particular shipment, is big enough for Office can open doors in order to achieve rush to transport, by carriage effect. However, remember not to open too many loopholes because too many loopholes, and will make the popular lax, fighting disappeared, wealth does not gather, or money into the money out, unable to gather the results and objectives.
Eight, and Office should not be pathway block, hinder heavy: Office of pathway as the doujin of blood General, should be unobstructed no due; however some Office is in convenient sex or omissions careless, will some shouldn't pendulum into Office of things plug have packed, hinder has whole channel, so often for employees brings shipped potential poor, sources blocked, communication bad, Act effort and no performance, all problem, serious effect career of development.

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