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Decoration of office building fire applications
Decoration to declare fire prevention design review, approved fire inspection.
Second decoration review needs to provide the fire protection design of information:
1, fill in the fire protection design of audited returns, declarations are required to be stamped.
2, business license, legal certificate and entrust certificate. (Stamped) 3 copies, corporate ID, client ID. (Stamped) 4, improvement plans, schematics, outlet, ceiling figure. (With stamp design unit) 5, fire-fighting systems design drawings. (With stamp design unit) 6, building fire safety acceptance. (Copy with property company) 7, fire design unit design qualification certificate copy. (Stamp design seal) 8, House copy of the purchase contract or lease contract. (Stamped) Declaration of acceptance is required:
1 copy of the review submissions and qualified fire protection design, (stamped) 2, the certificate and the certificate of legal persons; 3,, being the principal copy of ID card of legal persons; (stamped) 4, fire service construction construction qualification certificate copy; (with construction unit) 5, renovated unit built plan; (Gai completed stamp) 6, fire inspection and declaration form. (Stamped)

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