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Eight aspects of green renovation should take note
How to green renovation? Today our Guangzhou byson decoration designers answer the following aspects of this issue, hoping to help decorating friends; according to the use of decorative materials: each set of residential area is limited, in indoor decoration materials should be limited, excessive use will cause pollution, especially cabinetwork Board and MDF must be limited.
Formula: consumers cubic meters by dividing the number of various his living room decoration materials harmful gas emissions total income compared to the values and environmental value set by the State, low-qualified, high-standard. Should pay attention to is that the calculated value must be limited and national environmental protection has obvious gaps, to decorate a eco-friendly home improvement project. Guangzhou plant Guangzhou Office decoration decoration company the company also want to limit use of environmental materials: according to environmental regulations environmental protection decoration material produced by a degree of harmful gas emissions, just within the national emission standards, excessive use can cause indoor air pollution.
Consumers should establish correct concept of decoration: green renovation does not mean that there is no pollution, is the air quality up to the national provisions of the decoration ring value or within the national environmental values.
Excessive governance environmental index: according to experts, there is no more effective way to control pollution, the best way is to open Windows, ventilation, indoor and put some more plants. Guangzhou haizhu, Tianhe, Guangzhou decoration companies is not equal to the interior decoration decoration company environmental protection environmental protection: renovated room air quality must be significantly lower than the limit value of environmental protection, because after the renovation is complete, consumers still want to buy furniture. Furniture in the harmful gases can cause environmental pollution.
Do not use a chemical solvent easily: now some products for environmental protection were helpful, but some chemical solvent after use, while eliminating some sources of pollution, but it will create new pollution. Do not know what material, what diseases should not use.
Expert help: If consumers on home renovations do not understand or do not know where to find decorating consultant, calculating environmental index, to ensure that the renovated standard room environment index. Consultants also can be offered to consumers for free design, project bidding and other services.

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