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Earthquake renovation have exquisite decoration which place untouchable?
In decorating, there are many potentially dangerous practices, such as knock down the wall torn down, destroy the waterproof layer of beams and so on in the room, these dangerous operations for our future lives of potential security risks, the following experts, home decoration where you cannot touch.
In decorating, knock down the wall is extremely dangerous practices. Especially in the case of an earthquake, which is easily exposed. Industry experts, under normal circumstances, if residents on the first floor to large load-bearing wall removal, will lead to the building's seismic performance, and exception occurred loading stress, if eight-magnitude earthquake at this time, building a total collapse may occur. In addition, it is not the most important load-bearing walls on the first floor, diminishing the importance of other floors. Even if a load-bearing wall down, load bearing walls and other floors were removed, body stress deformation structures will become more fragile, still greater likelihood of catastrophic collapse.
For earthquake, home improvement where you cannot touch:
1 what kind of walls are load-bearing walls, load-bearing wall? Brick buildings, prefabricated walls must not be removed or open Windows; more than 24 cm brick wall belonging to the load-bearing walls. In addition, someone in the bearing wall door window, which also destroys the bearing wall, is also not allowed.
2, reinforcement in the wall if the structure were adult body wall is reinforced in people's bones and muscles. If buried pipeline will be reinforced when the damage would affect the affordability of the walls and floor. If you experience an earthquake, so that the walls and floors are easy to collapse or fracture.
Beam and beam-column 3, the room was used to support the upper floor, pull off the upper floors will fall, so it cannot move.
4, balcony low wall-like room on the wall with the balcony, there is a door and a window, these doors can be demolition, but the wall below the window does not move. This wall is called "counterweight wall", it plays a role provoked a balcony like a weight. Demolition of the wall of the balcony will be bearing down, fall, leading to balcony.
5, "three", or "five-prevention" door of door frames are embedded in concrete, demolition, destruction of building structures, reduced safety factor. And destroyed the entrance of the building structure, reinstall the new door is even more difficult.
6, bathroom and the kitchen are on the ground in these places a waterproof layer, if destroyed, downstairs turns into "Water Curtain Cave. So when you replace the ground material, must be careful not to destroy the waterproof layer. If you re-built after the destruction, be sure to do "24 hour water test", that is, water in the kitchen or bathroom, if no leakage after the 24-hour pass.

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