Evergrande in decoration "quality Gates" owners ' interests be safeguarded?
Tonight network news (tonight network reporter Zhao Ying) recently, has part constant big OASIS owners said Tianjin Dongli Lake constant big OASIS new homes exists quality problem, one users said its times in constant big OASIS owners Forum Shang expression the at real estate of quality problem, and proposed "see room make room sample" of demands, also has users posted out the at real estate of more Zhang real took photos "confirmed" its not has received room conditions.
On January 16, the netizens claiming to "OASIS issue owners" evergrande OASIS broke the owners Forum, said it recently went to the home inspector found evergrande OASIS real estate problems in wall paint: behind the wall will be covered with white. Friends in when owners Forum post also suggested that this property for other owners, large bay window tile rough had found that problems do exist. Finally netizens but said "only requires to be handed over to our House and had model quality on the line" hope "evergrande OASIS" not for everyone to see, and final delivery is another! Forum named "JI-rain 1015" Netizen said: "evergrande OASIS promises owners on December 31, 2011, postpone until January 18, 2012, known as the country's largest real estate developers in 9 class a decoration, the poor quality of people very angry! Balcony bar exposed, cracked floor tiles, leaking heating unit door does not close properly, call the developer, the answer is unable to contact the relevant person in charge, legal channels and approaches. Hope that we can unite to safeguard their lawful rights and interests, after all, is more than 1 million houses. "
So far, although there are numerous hits and decoration quality problems prompted those friends "good evidence" and urging evergrande OASIS area to be addressed, but their problem is still not solved. Questioned the constant when others in the forums, and charges the House decoration quality issue still abound. "Vision Lake lay" users helpless of said, he of decoration problem may than everyone of also more, to heating no leaking, tiles has crack of, floating window is crack of, has a bathroom glass door is completely broken of, door and the door more at was mill broken, unit door cannot shut strict, wall surface has cracking and uneven and the color shades varies,, glass doors no handle, Windows installation also not are.
Owners of so much anger that "can't afford" it: it is the constant known as 9 a decorated? Press enter on Baidu "decoration", "quality" and other words, then search out the 27,200 relevant reports, and visible quality of decorated House has become a popular event, and is widely found in the consumers ' side. According to industry sources, the decorated houses of disputes is well known as a chronic problem, is often difficult to be smoothly resolved.
Since 2005 when the construction began to advocate a well decorated room policies, this news topic has never stopped. State advocates of decorated houses designed to save energy and achieve win-win situation, protect the interests of consumers, but well decorated house adverse events have repeatedly raised the question of consumers, many well-known enterprises are decoration "quality Gates" have even begun to affect consumer confidence in the decoration property.
According to industry insiders pointed out that property for quality doors when the event occurs, also associated with the current legal system is not perfect. "For quality real estate and there is no clear standard of compensation, it is clear that vague standard of compensation equal to zero compensation. Even if there are serious quality problems of commercial housing developers are only required to pay a small rent compensation, it costs close to none. Buyers in the event of dispute the quality of commercial housing costs are very high. "One unnamed people in the industry complained.
We will also be keeping an eye on this matter and hope that Tianjin Dongli Lake evergrande OASIS can help owners solve the problem as soon as possible.

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