Residence of rehousing, the second decoration with caution
Spring is the season of renewal, many families plan for their old home for a new suit, but because of the particularity of the decorated, whether it is all heavy or partial renovation, will have more than decorating the difficulties and problems. Especially the second decoration of villas, due to the large range and time consuming, but also consider the integrity of the layout, and the owners to be well prepared before you start. February 26, enjoys "capital Villa first home" of Beijing Ming ren Villa decorative institutions will in China top Club-Changan Club held "private? enjoy big Forum-Villa Feng Shui concert lecture cum ' original + full case ' design experience will", will Villa decorative industry of experts are not only will will classic of case for analysis guide, also will on spring decoration needed note of focus problem for explained, has two times decoration intends to of Villa owners can visit site for advisory. In this issue, we decorated the body designers to Ming ren Villa becomes the second decoration problems, help you avoid the occurrence of hazards before they occur.
, Whole renovation for some living longer residential villas, many families will select all renovated, because lots of decoration and equipment infrastructure is aging, obsolete, relative to the decorating and all reloading requires extra renovation project for the removal and more.
B, Ming ren Villa decoration, decoration difficult body designers pointed out that second decoration decoration difficulty will increase, mainly reflected on demolition. If Villa lived not long, simply transform style, decorated with relative ease. If Villa is an older, living longer, because at that time the decoration using the relatively poor quality of building materials, such as wall and floor tiles paving the quality is poor, water pipes are galvanized pipe, heat aging, if improper demolition, running water and other problems may occur.
Ming Jen Villa decoration Agency's designers remind you, if home is warm and is covered with ceramic tiles, improper dismantling, it's easy to warm down. Second decoration technique is more difficult, if not technically construction team, more likely future problems.
Three, and decoration costs because old room need demolition and transformation of part than new homes more, two times decoration for based decoration of costs usually will than with area of new homes price your out 15% around, like original of Cabinet, and wood Dado, and tile, and floor, and light body wall, need demolition, some room age more old of House, water circuit aging serious, also need for than new homes more full of hydropower transformation, for not reasonable of structures, also need for wall body of demolition,.
In addition to split itself needs to cost, trash pickup and this will increase the cost of the decoration. Because they are not a new comer to the community, much of the property no longer provides a unified garbage service, requires owners to handle second decoration decoration waste generated a huge number of possible 120 bags of rubbish one-bedroom, and this will increase transport costs.
The second decoration, Ming ren Villa decorated body designers recommend to vacate the residential and renovation construction set aside enough of operation site to ensure construction quality of ...
Four, repair duration because it involves the problem of demolition, so the second decoration will also increase the duration of typically 15-30 than decorating the cycle days.
Five, elimination of impacts because the old housing renovation was carried out in similar communities, so the construction environment is more complex, requires owners and decoration company coordinating the relationship more. In the construction process to take into account the impact on the neighborhood, not just the time, noise and odour, and residential structure defects, elevator use, material transport and storage, garbage piled up and removal, water and electricity construction must take into account factors such as the impact on the other tenants in place. If you need to lift restrictions, gas, steam reforming, you also need to get permission from the relevant departments, some houses have installed intelligent system and protection system be sure to contact a professional manufacturer or property protection measures.
Six, a local heavy difficulties many Villa interior decoration is not a long time, or just not happy with part decoration, but is transformed when the second decoration, such as repainting, papering, renovation kitchen. Although it seems local decoration are only a small, but because the owners often need to live at home, furniture or moved to other accommodation, difficulty of renovation increased.
Seven, finished product protection for local decoration, protection, is an important and troubling question. Like brush paint, and posted wallpaper, and ground find equal, are need on original wall surface for polished, such on will produced dust, and for brush paint for and may will appeared paint points sputtering of problem, because dust particles is subtle, so if finished protection not in place, dust also is is easy drill to furniture up, so need on furniture, and floor, and electrical to for detailed of finished protection. In repainting the local renovation, much time and effort are spent in local protection.
Even if the construction of the furniture of the room can be moved to another room, floor, baseboard, switch panel, are still needed to protect and move the furniture out, need to reset, that is in itself a time-consuming project. If the furniture cannot be moved to another room, as well as intervals with the wall at a distance, also takes a human to move. Workers in the construction process, may also be because technology is not in place, careless, lead closet that cannot be removed, such as furniture, electrical appliances, as well as solid wood flooring and other "delicate" clash of materials problems, decoration, this is also the areas that need attention.
Eight, decoration pollution problems because the owner is living in the home in the renovation process, decoration of dust, formaldehyde and other pollution are more likely to affect property owners. If, decoration materials and environmental protection, owners cannot be ventilated for a while to go back, may be greater health risk, it is recommended that renovation to keep ventilated in order to speed up the spread of pollutants.

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