China vanke said "poison the floor" is not the right insists on decorated houses
On February 20, vanke media communication anxin flooring events will be held, vanke said Secretary of the Board Tan Huajie, vanke also purchased and used some flooring, but there is no evidence of excessive formaldehyde in anxin flooring. Shanghai Bureau of quality and technical supervision inspection pending the outcome of the month called "toxic floor" is inappropriate.
He added that the notice online recently on "Wang emergency return to working on the floor," said one, this is not right, this event will not affect China vanke's determination to advance the decorated houses.
Vanke Yu Liang, President also pointed out that have confidence in vanke's procurement system, unswervingly adhere to the renovation strategy.
Yu Liang said, such as re-examination vanke anxin flooring any batches to be installed one unqualified, that all batch replaced free of charge, and pay compensation. Formaldehyde was detected and cause harm to human health, vanke will assume full responsibility.

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