Renovated in spring moisture note
Most people choose decoration from the new year, so years ago decoration industries more desolate, when spring happens to usher in the decoration of the small boom. Spring in most parts of the country the weather is wetter, renovations must pay attention to moisture in the spring.
Flexible choice of ceramic tiles waterproof coating and ultimately, wide variety of ceramic wall and floor tiles, spring look calls attention to its moisture content. Surface smooth and delicate, gloss Crystal gloss surface, is content with no smooth soft good products. Taking special note 3 difference between ceramic and porcelain, little water absorption, the structure is fine, tap clear sweet voice is the porcelain tiles, high water absorption, structural holes, percussion sounds dull muddy is ceramic tile. Small water absorption of ceramic tile in the spring less prone to cracking with changes in temperature between day and night.
Big temperature difference between day and night in the spring water is especially important, so waterproofing decoration step can not be ignored at this time. Ground it is best to water, to avoid water leakage due to uneven coating. Seams using paints and brushes up to cement in place, and the materials used should be uniform. With a similar pipe of the ground and remember to do the wall about 30 cm high, waterproof coating so as to avoid water seepage wall.
Wood flooring choices have exquisite texture, rich layering of wood flooring is now a decoration of choice of consumers. Spring decoration choice for wood flooring, should pay attention to the moisture content of the wood, especially wood floors, moisture should be about 11% in General, if the moisture content is too high, water loss occurs after the floor warping deformation phenomena. Production of large scale manufacturers will have the corresponding production, surveying, transportation security system. Shipping materials to choose when the weather is fine, if it is a rainy day should be protected with plastic film well. If material has been surge should not be used, avoid dried before use. And in terms of purchasing blockboard, to select less seams and seam tightly, color plates are consistent, no cracks, no poles, no Burr plates. Decorative Panel required the texture clear and smooth, no scar on the surface section. Big Board the decoration process is very high, especially in the wet spring, need enough space to make wood there is sufficient time for adaptation to dry, but strictly through a drying kiln drying process control.

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