The pitfalls of home improvements should not be ignored in
Close to the Spring Festival, many friends want to take advantage of the long holiday you just bought a new House, to the home improvement market shopping, furniture, building materials market, do some preparatory work before decoration; a lot of people want to live in new houses before the Spring Festival, but afraid of decoration companies schedule, impact on the quality of construction. So, this will give you a heads up, don't walk into before the renovation of the trap.
Trap: as the home improvement industry is a great industry, and its practitioners are mostly foreigners, near the spring, change in time than ever before, many home improvement company's designers, construction teams are returning home, so most of the home improvement market is closed during this period. If you want to consult or to find decorating company, it is best to make a phone call, asked questions about the company or the rest of the market, that ran the wrong way.
Pitfall II: there are many decorating company launched during the various preferential measures, bargains, these promotions you first have to be carefully understood, clearly calculated to avoid businesses to raise the offer in advance, then say discounts. Includes manufacturers claiming to have given products, specifically ask how, some manufacturers would say sent Cabinet decoration, renovation contract when signed in, be sure to write clearly in the contract value of the gift, model, color, texture and other conditions, so business is shoddy.
Pitfall three: for those decorated in half, unfinished owners, construction teams continue to work during the holidays, you have to go a few more times than usual. Because are caught up with new year, heart inevitably impetuous, like, some company provides within wall to brush three again wall paint of, then construction players only brush has a again, surface Shang see not out has any difference, but actually is reduced has process standard, decoration quality also to guarantee; and if some professional jobs (as woodworking, and Oilers, and bricklayer,) of workers home, other construction personnel to not delay duration, on "meddle in", dang has full hand, but technology not clearance, process rough, temporarily is see not problem, time a long, Problems will emerge. In this case, only owners discover, time is the best solution.
Pitfall four: some of the renovation team raised a year back construction, which also need to focus on, in the decoration was not completed, and no one in the living room, fire-proof, leak-proof, security is essential. Because there are many flammable decoration materials in the material, or cigarette butts into Mars, likely to cause a fire.
Pitfall five: a lot of decoration companies in order to avoid "alternate account", to settlement amount in years ago. At this time, the owners fully understand the first, all walks of life but at the same time and by the end of the busy season, owners will take the time to decorate after careful checking of the accounts accounting. Checkout cannot forget to rigorous acceptance of construction projects on the site.

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