Decorating season to be cautious about "green building" huyou deceived
"Green" paint her allergies, says Ms Wang, when you decorate the House, deliberately choose a "no poison, no smell" and other words of green environment-friendly paint. But decorated after the houses have not cleared the smell in a few months, but she has a lot of red knots, to the hospital didn't know is allergic paint. Wang wondered, is said to be a "green" building materials are not environmentally friendly? recently, Wang also acquired some furniture for their new home, looking at the streets of green furniture, her worry, "what do you want to continue to buy ' green ' furniture?" Reporters revealed, from ceramic tiles, sanitary products, paint the floor, the overall kitchen, most of the products are almost always the "green", "green" banner, described as building material market "green". Some product claims to have antibacterial, antifungal, purify the air and other effects, and when asked to see product testing report of harmful substances, many businesses can't get it out.
"Green building materials" just speculation on the current building "green", interior decoration Association officials pointed out that, strictly speaking, at present no green building materials and products, but only up to a limit test standard of environmental protection building material products.
Other industry sources, China's "green building materials" evaluation and standards are not issued without introduction of antibacterial ceramics product standards or E0 sheet laminate flooring industry limit of formaldehyde emission national standards, assessment of ecological building materials is still underway. At present, some unscrupulous businesses to cater to the market, cooking concepts, and consumers are imperfectly. The source said, the eradication of this mess, and needs to be relevant departments issued mandatory standards to regulate business behavior.
It is learned that China's building materials market is only "green building materials" the name. However, the market on the "green building materials" also not reassuring. It is understood that before the Ministry of environmental protection environmental certification center in Fuzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and other investigations and found that the current so-called eco-friendly decoration material, quite a few are fake. Some businesses actually own environmental label affixed to the product. Meanwhile, a joint investigation of the State Department of environmental protection and the Ministry of health showed that so-called in the name currently on the market with a variety of environmentally-friendly building materials, nearly 60% contains toxic pollutants

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