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At present, people used to place the decoration company is divided into two categories: home improvement companies and public companies. Public loaded and points many class, Office decoration just which of a, we in select Office decoration company zhiqian, first to make clear this problem, we will select of decoration company is belongs to public loaded, also is belongs to home, although are is make decoration, public loaded and home of requirements not as, difference also is is big of, these difference main performance in: design, and material, and process, and lighting, and color, several aspects.
Second, Office decoration design in terms of design, Office reception areas are generally required to have LOGO wall (also known as the image of the wall) and reception desk. LOGO walls main focus on corporate culture, property, and the strength of the effect, the VI should be designed to meet enterprise requirements, while home does not exist this design requirement. In addition, the Board Chairman and General Manager of the company's Office designed to take fully into account their respective preference, gender, personality, age, and cultural characteristics, the only way to make a design that meets their requirements, design requirements for meeting rooms and generous, upscale, public space design requirements including. These requirements on designer of capacity has must of challenging; with home design different of at also has: office space design must avoid similar, cookie similar of style will to customer very upset of feel, and home design is can mutual copy, owners Zhijian General not understand to home of design with others home has no difference; office space design also to full test fire or emergency evacuation aspects of problem, once met emergency situation personnel how calmly retreat, personnel flow,, and home on not need to consider these, Also like the strong, weak, cable wiring and so on.
Three, and Office decoration material problem both decoration some material also has many not same, like wall surface, home more using latex paint, and wall cloth, and wallpaper, and public loaded Besides, also has aluminum plastic Board, and fire Board, and perforation sucking sound board,; top surface part, home with have more of is gypsum board, and public loaded more using mineral wool Board, and grid gate ceiling; ground part with material also has specifications Shang of difference. In addition to these, some of the materials in the renovation of office space is commonly used, and at home are rarely used, such as stainless steel, glass, acrylic, PVC, floor spring, grille lights, cables.
Four, Office renovations construction technology to be much stricter than the home improvement process requirements, such as office space LOGO wall decoration of the production process, is more complex than TV wall production technology in the home; strong electricity construction rules more rigorously, and be careful when wearing not only a pipeline, avoiding abrasions insulation, bridging protection remains to be done to prevent static sparking fires. Lighting the lighting of office space, designers according to the various functional areas, with different lighting, different function to calculate rational lighting levels, also consider the full use of natural light, home lighting is much simpler, generally owners according to their own preferences can pick good people to install.

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