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The second decoration

Although it is known as the second decoration of housing renovation renovation, renovation repair is divided into different levels, different levels and require renovation is not the same. Adequacy of smaller houses sometimes need to do a simple soft change to be moved, more old houses you will need to make substantial changes, and decoration is usually according to the extent of the changes required for renovation quotes and free of charge. Byson decoration reminding owners to examine ourselves before in old housing renovation housing situation, decided the decoration changes levels, this is a money-saving practices.
After summarizing, reconstruction of old buildings renovated a total of five levels:
Replace the local installation or replacement of building materials building materials products, is the consumer's everyday needs, if the person is not capable of, changing a light bulb, door locks, handles is difficult task, let alone change toilet, chandeliers, mounted wall cabinets with high technical difficulty. So, this is most commonly the most trivial.
Wall walls of the refurbished space dress up capacity on the ground, this is a way to change the face of the most obvious. However the destroy action risks a lot before, such as scraping ripped off tiles, paint, etc, especially toilet kitchen, water and electricity risk more, without the assistance of professional teams, is even more problematic.
Local upgrades refer to those related to fixed furnishings and furniture replacement parts, including transforming fixed wardrobe, a dining area, Chu Na reforming or partial circuit water lighting modification. Because local upgrade to complete part of a space, action and relatively large, so reform is not part of the protection and rational utilization is important.
Single room a room renovation complete transformation involves all trades, before they have been required to conduct a comprehensive design service by this time, because of relatively long duration, quantity is relatively large, more need to follow the professional decoration cannot be careless. Particularly with regard to utilities and materials connected with the other room-related details, such as, need careful handling; so be sure to look for a professional renovation company.

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