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Office decoration

, Property procedures in an office building, commercial building renovation of office space must be the property sector before the relevant formalities before construction, customers and company come together at a property company, before reporting should prepare the following information:
1, and 1 housing of property proved, non-owners needed issued owners authorized book; 2, and 2 hired of decorative decoration construction team qualification proved, and project head ID, and license, copies; as is simple decorative decoration, must by owners issued decorative decoration guarantees book Hou, not provides qualification proved, information; 3, and 3 construction programme, and construction plane figure, and the elevation, and hydropower construction figure, information.
4, 4 reviewed the information provided by the service management service, authorized by the owner or owners who fill out the decoration project returns.
5 the decoration project application form and construction engineering branch operation officer approved the information handed over to the management service, approved by the Director agreed with the decoration.
After approval, the 5, 6, and decorating contractors and sign decoration of the responsibility of the administration.
6, and 7 decorative decoration management service fee and the margin: management service fee by construction units by each square meters 2 Yuan to management service paid; deposit by construction units by each square meters 10 Yuan to management service paid (decorative decoration June workers and by acceptance qualified three months Hou, no any engineering legacy problem, margin can full returned); 7, and 8 management service opened decorative decoration starts single, and decorative decoration responsibility brand, construction units handle construction personnel temporary access card Hou can for construction.
II, and fire approval by needed information (1) Beijing city construction engineering construction site fire audit declared table; (2) construction fire design audit submissions; (3) Fire Security defend measures and with fire electricity system; (4) methyl, and b both signed of fire security agreement; (5) construction organization design programme (to construction site plane figure and text form said, marked fire engine road and fire equipment).
Third, the fire approval procedure 1. fill out the construction interior trim design fire audit declaration form, the Beijing city construction site fire audit declaration form, remember that applicant should be the employer, rather than construction. the unit cover seals, and to produce rental agreement or purchase agreement. If the construction unit to handle, can only be described as Agency.
2. on the form, the content as the main building material, such as wall material/ground/top materials.
3. the need to prepare the site overall fire inspection copies of drawings (General Office).
4. the need to prepare specific sites for the construction of floor plans, electrical diagrams, and fire safety improvement plan (fixed fire-fighting equipment, you can indicate in the notes), and drawings of the necessary blueprint and qualification unit by design (architectural) stamped with a stamp.
5. local fire brigade will be on-site inspections within 10 working days and to submit written observations. If consent can be started, do not agree with, you might want to modify the decoration programme.
6. the renovation work was completed two weeks ago, of the fire engineering acceptance declaration form can be submitted, and returns the contents are basically the same. General fire brigade will inspect a 2~3 building materials testing, testing fees for each around 1000 Yuan (most likely to draw is PVC pipe. wood panels, curtains, etc).
7. the inspection unit at least 2 people to attend training (mandatory) training fee of around 800 yuan/person (slight differences in estimated costs).
8. fire brigade once again to the scene at the time of completion of inspection, some corrective comments will be listed, to do so is. and a fire inspection approval for the construction unit.

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