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The decoration of the hotel

The lobby (Lobby) is a guest registration procedures for accommodation, rest, places for meeting and to settle, is first exposed to the public after the customers into the store. Must be based on its space in the lobby, ornate decoration, creating an atmosphere can infect visitors in order to make a good first impression to the guests and memorable final impression.
Traditional hotel lobby in the pursuit of a spacious, gorgeous, quiet, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, but now more and more hotels are starting to fully take advantage of the hotel party space, a variety of business activities, in order to "every inch of land to dig gold in the hotel" business philosophy.
From the arrangement of the decoration of the hotel is concerned, a good hotel should meet the following requirements: (1) the hotel entrance to stylish, attractive atmosphere greeted the guests.
(2) the lobby is spacious and comfortable, adapted to the construction area and the entire hotel's reception capacity. Area and the number of hotel rooms in a certain proportion, about 0.4~0.8m2/, that is, each rooms occupies a 0.4~0.8m2 lobby area.
(3) the lobby is home to a certain height, does not make people feel depressed, best patio, good lighting.
(4) the overall layout is reasonable, beautifully decorated.
(5) fresh air, temperature, air conditioning will not make people nervous.
(6) has good sound insulation.
(7) suitable background music. Best for guests to play a variety of music, folk music, and volume is acceptable.
(8) the soft lighting.
(9) has a sufficient temperature.
(10) the floor surface appearance. The best quality wood or marble floors, beautiful, and easy to clean.
(11) is located in the lobby of the Department signs are obvious.
(12) star hotel to be able to show the world's major tourist source countries (or cities) the clock of time.
Lobby design should pay attention to the use of all means of construction or decoration, creating a cordial, pleasant, joyous, peaceful, cultural charm, modern, themes, and reasonable function, population distribution and convenient space. Design of the lobby to pay special attention to the following points:
First, do not blindly pursuing space style, magnificent.
Second, we must strengthen the cultural atmosphere in the lobby.

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