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Plant decoration

An analysis of five plant decoration points:
1, based on the actual area of use and functions of scientific layout, divided into functional areas while taking into account the physical distribution of ventilation, fire and channel reservation.
2, to consider before decorating the fire approval and fire protection equipment installation to ensure that the fire can pass. Before decorating and you can find a professional fire-fighting company.
3, factory walls in order to better divide the Ribbon wall material can be selected according to their respective situations. Common partition materials: light steel joist gypsum board partition aluminium glass wall, lightweight brick walls, red-brick walls, decorative glass partitions, glass walls, color steel plate walls, metal mesh partition; represented by the different partition style and price are not the same, including gypsum board walls low cost, tend to be generally accepted.
4, and plant decoration in the of ground decoration is key, because ground daily has many wear, so decoration ground as select durable of material, if ground need larger bearing, so on must in ground grass-roots do concrete, concrete is divided into commercial concrete and soil practices concrete two species, former cost slightly high but quality stable, which price lower quality General, in ground grass-roots do concrete Hou, can laying other texture compared hard of stone or tile, and terrazzo ground, and Emery ground,. Some anti-static workshop, you need to lay on the ground or anti-static PVC anti-static flooring and other materials. Dust-free workshop can do epoxy floor paint, epoxy floor paint can choose according to their self-leveling epoxy floor paint, epoxy floor paint thin, easy rolling paint and so on.
5, workshop ceiling decoration item: mineral wool sound-absorbing Board and calcium silicate Board are common plant decoration materials, these materials are inexpensive, ignition point lower, simple, usually recognized by consumers; can choose aluminum plate or ceiling color steel plate, steel plate and other materials. But regardless of that stuff you use to do ceilings, require co-ordination with fire-fighting facilities, meet fire safety requirements. Renovated top to also consider the rational arrangement of ventilation and central air conditioning.

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