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Store decoration is store identification system (SI system) based storefront design and decoration elements that must be considered include three works: decoration, cabling, engineering, fire protection engineering.
(A) the decoration shop decoration, need to find professional decorators to construction. Generally requires companies to provide even the store interior space renderings, layout, decoration scheme.
Store-front and door signs are construction difficulties, subject to time limits, and subject to space constraints. In prosperous areas and street construction, must occupy sidewalks formalities ahead of, and city urban management approval time extremely short in order to avoid disturbing the night time not too long. At this time, measures that could be taken were signs made semi-finished factory spare, reduce workload. After the start of construction, the rational use of working hours, construction teams can be a voice in the day project construction team can be assembled in the evening, improves efficiency, and avoid disturbing and so on.
(B) wiring engineering, decoration is always concealed works of electrical wiring and pipes for the pioneer, every year due to fires caused by electrical wiring fault is very much, so cabling must be professional decorators to design and construction. Pay attention to the following matters:
1, wiring methods consistent with the nature of the building should be.
2, wire installation is necessary in the course of fire prevention.
3, special parts wiring with necessary protective measures. Such as the introduction of lighting cable and power cable connection, these sites due to oxidation, rat bites, vibration, force, prone to fault. Therefore to strengthen protective measures.
4, the process of routing to perform checks. In case the construction unit in violation of regulations, Jerry, misuse and other problems.
For weak electrical and power line wiring has different requirements, in short, cabling works for the store's security is very important, sure to please the decoration company in reliable and professional construction, and strengthen supervision.
(C) fire protection engineering shop is where a crowded, fire safety is particularly important, for decoration, fire protection engineering should be considered priorities. Selection of refractory materials to decorate. At design time, to drainage design of personnel involved. Meet the fire water system design for technical, economic-without taking into account as far as possible the beauty of whole building design, reasonable question.
In addition, in the decoration design of emergency cases, for passenger evacuation route design, as well as the allocation of fire extinguishers, and so on.
These three projects are indispensable, to pay attention to coordination and integration among the three projects.

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