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(A) the design showcase in a market economy environment, competition of all kinds of products, especially a wide variety of products, in the Mall, there is a striking, unique display space is very important, and space in the Mall seemed less and less. So if you can make good use of this show heaven and Earth, to play its role to make it more efficient, is the business commercial decoration company and issues of common concern.
Showcase design has the following points:
1, the two sides are very clear and confirm the intentions of exhibiting design and special needs, based on this design concept of consensus.
2, design companies to fully understand the business or brand features of content: the enterprise culture: VI, CI, VIS, target customer behaviour, psychology, preferences, occupation and other factors in consumer demand; product price, style, appearance, color, function and so on, provides creative design basis for showcase design ideas.
3, detailed exploration and business surveys, understanding showcase in spatial location and building, facilities (heaven, Earth, walls, pillars, walkways, stairs, lighting, ventilation, etc) the hardware environment. This design showcase show effective use of plane and space, attract customers and displaying brand image, design Foundation.
4, joint studies with the operators to showcase the design and brand image characteristics, references, comparing design ideas and creativity, harmony (theme color, light intensity and color temperature), whether it has a Visual impact, make recommendations for convergence with the showcase programme.
5, engage with property management and safety management, communication, understand electricity, fire protection, safety, environmental protection and market specific requirements to ensure compliance to showcase design and production requirements, and inspection requirements.
Showcase design, production methods are very rich, requires businesses with professional display company with complete.
(B) knowledge of design showcase 1, current booth production methods have many drawbacks, such as stand longer, used during the production of material no longer used, strength, and material issues a lot of limitations on use.
2, using the Planet planet of the System, connector, such as iron-core part 9 main show can produce a variety of styling, small booths and P.O.P.
3, pulling the display rack, roll up, x-type:
Cluster bundles of nets that minutes played within a large framework, is both flexible and clean, using a unique technology of magnetic stickers, equipped with special lighting, exhibits and flashy.
4, sales:
Practical plastic type: modified acrylic plastic molding, panels made of high quality ABS boards made of engineering plastics and PVC fascia board, enacted to regulate, spraying silver paint, the craft is consummate, overall stability is excellent.
Economic-blister: a practical alternative, panels, boards He Mei are made of PVC recycling raw materials, colour slightly yellowish, slightly rough, pole with white plastic pipe, Middle diaphragm positioned plastic card needs customer pastes processing, overall stability is a bit poor.
Economic framework: aluminum extruded frame, inline quality KT Board, Panel laminating high-density boards, pole using plastic hollow tubes, compact, light and easy.

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