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In restaurant among, most important of furniture certainly first table, and modern of table and ancient compared, has has substantive of changes, in ancient, most implemented points table and food, table also called food case, dining who people the a case, food case most small light, so only will appeared Han Liang Hong of wife Meng with idiom, day day for he "juanqimei" served food of story, and in modern, "juanqimei" almost is impossible of, because modern of table general body volume larger and heavy, will dining who gathered in with, Use as a meal, dining table Feng Shui has a great effect on family unity, harmony, summarized the following top ten notes:
1, choose the table round or square:
China's traditional way of viewing is "round", so everyday appliances are mostly dominated by circular and square, traditional dining room table is a good example. Traditional tables shaped like the full moon, a symbol of the very young and the reunion, intimate, and mobbing popular, can heighten the atmosphere of eating well, has long been popular.
Square dining tables, small only seat four people, known as sixianzhuo; eight people, also known as the square, because it symbolizes the Eight Immortals gathering also very lucky, smooth square, a symbol of fair and stable, although four angular, but not sharp corners and no damage, so be ready to use.
Due to the shape of the table will affect the portion of the atmosphere, so the round or square wooden table in the family less suitable, and oval or rectangular table applied in the larger population.
2, texture of the table you want to pay attention to:
Table surface to easy cleanup for this, marble and glass, desktop more hard, and cold, art sense strong, but for its easy quickly absorption human diet Hou produced of energy, not conducive to dining who of sat on Exchange, so should not be all for are table, but can through shape and texture for harmonic, like: round of marble meal Taiwan or square wood table,, has these combination will brings good of effect.
3, most avoid sharp edges on the table:
Miter angle more pee more sharp, and also bigger in Feng Shui as a taboo, because triangle dining table leads to draw discord, family health, prismatic table can lead to leakage of money and so on.
As for those waves water-table, although not in accordance with the traditional, but has no sharp corners, so barely used. In summary, tables are always round and square is appropriate.
4, tables should be flat rather than at an angle:
The roof should be flat on the table there, bar top, or located under the stairs or roof, this will be detrimental to the health of their families. Beam top is the taboo of Feng Shui, House no matter which place is the bar top are ominous, especially on the bed, sofas, dining tables and stoves on the scourge of most, must try to avoid as much as possible.
If the beams above the table top, you can cover the ceiling, but the best way is to move the table to another place.
If the table cannot be removed from under the brick, false ceilings can also be used to fill the lifter table under the stairs, you can put two pots of lucky bamboo at the end of the ladder to defuse, but note that lucky bamboo can grow up, and remain green, otherwise difficult to receive results.
5, the table should not be the front door into:
House Feng Shui about "bogey into the Hi roundabout", if there is serious conflict would lead: vitality, and Feng Shui greatly affected if dining table with doors into a straight line, standing outside the door you can see the family at dinner, that is not appropriate.
6 toilet doors, tables should not be straight:
Toilets on the Feng Shui is considered "dirty" unclean, therefore more subtle the better, such as the dining table, often leading to family health. Table and bathroom door straight, preferably as soon as possible to move the table to another location, if it does not move, then in the middle of the table to be used placed into a small disk when using flooding to blossom or lucky bamboo, to resolve this method.
White candles of varying lengths stacked on top of the table, this is not the auspicious 7, should not use a candle chandelier above the table:
Some chandelier by several branch candle shaped of lamp composition, although design novel, quite ornamental value, but if put it hanging in table on, that will like is put length varies of white candle stacked in table on, this is by no means bodes well, because white candle is funeral of symbol, put it put in a size common eating of at, its consequences imagined, therefore must as managed to avoid, but other color of candle is no due.
8, table not being God:
God is to worship gods and ancestors in, strictly speaking, not with the man eating it too close to, after all, has always been different way of yin and Yang, where different, if God is dedicated to Guan Yin, Buddha, gods, because they are quit killing take vegetarian food, but ordinary people eating meat, face it would look out of place.
Must pay attention to table 9 proportion with the size of the restaurant, the table should not be too large:
Some people prefer luxurious style, specifically to purchase extra tables, nothing wrong, it should be noted that table and the restaurant's size, if the restaurant area was not broad display table, forming small, not only inaccessible, and hampering the restaurant's Feng Shui.
If restaurant channel, you feel like a whirlpool, body jam 10, the table should not be way up:
Table is where the family gathered for dinner must be quiet safe, you can leisurely enjoy three meals a day, if there are any strings up, you will not only undermine the geomancy, families eat without relish so much, and if the restaurant channel, like in Vortex, poor body, must also try to improve as soon as possible.

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