Job title: Senior Designer
Published: 2011-01-19
Number of vacancies: 2
Location: Guangzhou
Job requirements: 1, decorative design for more than three years working experience in proficiency in design-related software, you can independently design, working drawings, renderings;
Confident, smart, flexible, with good communication skills, good team spirit, good professional ethics and culture, can be hard
Note: (job interview please bring recent design work)
Job title: Design Director
Published: 2011-01-09
Number of vacancies: 4
Location: Guangzhou
Salary: negotiable
Published: 2009-4-8
Recruitment requirements: 1. five years above in the, and large decorative Enterprise Chief design work experience 2. College above degree, decorative design professional, 28 age above, men and women unlimited 3. skilled using decorative design software, fast hand-painted effect Figure 4. at communication, can accurate grasp and achieved customer preferences and requirements 5. has sharp of design style, creation capacity strong, familiar process and material 6. has good of learning capacity, and teaching capacity and team organization capacity 7. enthusiasm cheerful, and honest stable, and active up 8. Organization Design Department of design work